Become a Cam Boy in 2021

Cam model is not just a job for girls, there are also thousands of guys who are working in the adult webcam industry. It is also important to say that your sexuality does not matter when working as Cam Boy. There are men that are gay and some others are bi, straight or even trans. Furthermore, you don’t need to reveal your real sexuality, you do what you want. For example, you can say that you are bi but in fact you are a straight man.

With the pandemic going on all around the world it can be challenging to find a job these days. No wonder why there is more and more male performers doing cam shows. Not only, it is an easy job but you can earn a lot of money by showing your body on male webcam sites. Some men can earn thousands per month. But of course money does not grow on trees and the final income will be depending on your dedication and time.

What do you need for male cam shows?

When we said that cam boy was an easy job, we were refering to the fact it generally be possible to do cam shows from home and at any time. However you’ll need some material in order to do cam shows.

First of all, you will need a good internet connection which usually most people have. This is important in order to have a good quality stream shows. You will obviously also need a camera and microphone. We recommend that you use an HD webcam. You can find cameras at all prices and don’t need to buy the most expensive one at the beginning. Usually built-in cameras from laptop does not have a great quality. You can give it a try but it would be best to use for example a logitech one.

Once you have the elements above you are almost ready to go. As you can imagine the lightning is also key for cam shows. Therefore make sure that there is now weird dark shadows and play with the different lights you may have. If you can afford to buy some extra lights it is always be a great addition to that. Or you might wait to have enough money earned from your shows before investing in it.

And then there are the accessories such as the sex toys such as dildo or any others outfits. This is not mandatory but it can always help if you have something that will add some more value to your streams. It will also depend on what you plan to do on your cam shows.

How to get start becoming a male performer?

Once you have all the material and things that you need to get started it is very easy to become a male cam model. We must also say that you don’t need to be super handsome to do this job. Anyone can do it. We are pretty sure you’ll find online many people looking like you or even not looking as good as you do. No matter if your overweight or of your skin. That beeing said here are the simple steps to start making a living out of cam model:

  1. Register to Hashcam 
  2. Verify your Age with your ID document.
  3. Setup your webcam
  4. Start broadcasting your male cam show!

What can you do during webcam shows?

Firstly, you are not supposed to cum and masturbate all day to make money as a male cam model. There are others things you can do on cam such as:

  • Show off your muscles
  • Using lovense
  • Findom, being a master and get worshiped on cam by slaves
  • Show your feet for foot fetish
  • Dance and so much more.

Sell and Promote yourself

Cam sites such as Hashcam is a good place to promote your others social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or even Only Fans. What’s even better is that you can make them pay to have it. Let’s say for example someone would like to have your whatsapp number, he can buy it for XXX tokens.